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The Wealth Builders is a black-owned and operated financial literacy educational organization. Empowering everyday individuals to achieve financial freedom by providing information covering credit, eCommerce, investing, trading, and real estate.

Olivia became a member of WB in March 2020 when they had a website full of content. Noticing that the educators and members could benefit from implementing an LMS (Learning Management System) she met with the CEO and pitched some ideas for improvement in April 2020.

virtual academy

research phase

One day a new member once again asked a question that was absolutely covered within one of the lessons. Wanting to be helpful but also annoyed I referenced the video they should watch and where to find it. It was something that happened often. Questions about where to find things, what order to watch the videos, when the next live webinar was happening. I had already been a member for at least a month and the questions were both stagnant and repetitive. How could we minimize the questions and allow the chat groups to be a place for new inquiries so that the educators could cover new content?

Credit Master Class Page
Member Dashboard

prototypes + analysis

For a few weeks, I tested out two different designs for the LMS. Gathering content from the educators, gaining access to videos, learning the structure of the business and how things are or aren’t run behind the scenes. Where processes were missing, I created some so the portal could be maintained.

The first LMS didn’t match with the mental modal of how the educators thought about the content they created and how it should relate to one another.

One educator had begun to curate courses within the trading pillar from all the recorded live webinars that had been uploaded to the website.

Seeing this happen naturally, I went on to created courses in other pillars in an order that made sense to me as a member, and I verified the order of videos with the educators within each pillar and then turned them into lessons: a video accompanied with a quiz with a prerequisite lesson.

building + strategy

The project took three months in total. As the LMS was being built out missing pages and functionality were identified. No one person within the organization knew where everything was, what was on the site and I had only been a member for a month when I started and wasn’t aware of all the content made available to WB members. I began to look at the wholistic experience from beginning to “end”. Anything that went beyond the initial scope of the project would have to be created later. Some of the major additions to the LMS included these pages:

Website Landing Page
Events Calendar
Educator view when review grades
Academy view on phone
Educator View creating a quiz

promo videos

Miami Retreat 2021 – 15 secs

Miami Retreat 2021 – 30 secs

New Year company culture call

branding + marketing

At times my clients need supportive design services beyond building a Business Portal or website and WB was no exception. With the hosting of events, live webinars, and more I have taken some time to create the following:

Credit Member Package Promo Social Media Flyer
e Commerce Package Instagram Story Flyer
Trading Package Instagram Story Flyer
Real Estate Package Instagram Story
Catch Pips Throughout the Day Social Media Flyer
WB Swag Launch Announcement Flyer
WB Swag Bag social media post
Late Night Pip Drip Webinar Digital Flyer
Money Making with Mateen Live Webinar Flyer
Live Trading Session Flyer
November Social Media Takeover Flyer
WB Swag Launch Social Media Post
WB Swag Logo Design
No Retest No Trade Journal Flyer
2nd Annual Fall WB Conference announcement
June 2020 Contest Flyer

apparel + accessories

From Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 I designed the apparel collections for WB Swag

Paper Journals
Pips For Breakfast Coffee Mug
Fall 2020 Apparel Collection
Fall 2020 Apparel Collection Photoshoot
Wealth Builders QR Code Backpack
Executive SZN Off-Shoulder Long Sleeve
Trader Zip-up Hoodie Back
Trader Zip-Up Hoodie Hood Design
Trader Hoodie Front Design
WB Tagline Duffle Bag
WB Tagline Sports Bra
WB Tagline Leggings
WB Tagline Bomber Jacket
WBOE Snapback
Empower and Educate Deep V-Tee