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Industry: finance

OJLowery, LLC is a full-service accounting, tax and consulting firm located in New York, NY. Otwan was referred to me by Akilah, founder of I am B.E.A.U.T.Y. another client of mine. Otwan came to me needing a new logo, branding products, and updates to his website.

potential + research

Otwan was in the midst of launching a new program called: “Be Your Own Boss” it would come to be one of his many bundled service packages. He needed materials to help promote this new business solution.

I conducted research on his industry and that of his competitors, to get an understanding of the type of information his target audience would need to make an informed decision on whether to contact him for a consultation. I also needed to grasp what types of information his competitors were giving up.


The branding materials, new logo and website updates all needed to be done together so that they came together and gave off a mutual vibe. The materials he would use to bait potential clients needed to work as part of an ecosystem along with his website.

continuity + evaluation

He wasn’t ready to revamp his website so the new logo needed to work with his current website. I was at the mercy of his current code and I went in and made the necessary changes without affecting other parts of the site.

form + presentation

I delivered print-ready documents for the printing company as well as a web-friendly version of the flyers for Otwan to send electronically. He was provided with various formats of his logo to be used as he pleased. The old files and the update files were kept in case of something happening and he needed a backup.

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