class act

Industry: non-profit + creative

I was selected for the 2021 Design for Good Detroit Challenge and was paired with Class Act Detroit as the non-profit that needed some design work. I worked with two other designers to revamp Class Act’s branding.

I started with some research and then realized that there wasn’t enough time left to do my full Ux Process so I took the branding guide and revamped the site so that the styling would match. I also shared my research findings.


Class Act Detroit is an organization that focuses on creative arts and culture as an afterschool program. They are gearing up to launch “House of Hip Hop” a workspace where performing arts, scholarships, and a community collides to promote self-expression, agency, mentorship, entrepreneurship, and life-long relationships.


I provided the founder with a flow chart, affinity diagram, the feedback from the expert review, and updated the website to reflect the branding guide.


I worked on a team of three designers. I focused mainly on the website but provided critiques on the other forms of marketing. Once the designs for the print materials were somewhat finalized I began to work on an external stylesheet for the website.


Normally I would suggest a different platform to host their website but given the nature of this project and the time constraints I had to figure out how to make changes on their website within Wix, which doesn’t allow for much customization or for CSS to be manipulated. I conducted an Expert Review with an employee of AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps is known for giving grants to non-profits. The expert analyzed the website and gave me a list of the information that should be on the Class Act site to put them in a better position to receive grants.


  • Website traffic increased by 275% within the first thirty days.
  • Website average traffic by site engine search increased by 33% within the first sixty days.
  • Engagement with the home page has increased by 15%
  • Engagement with the about page has increased by 69%
  • Engagement with the programs page has increased by 45%


This diagram is based on the information provided in the expert review and just basic functionality that the site should have based on the industry and goals of the organization.


old home

Old Class Act Detroit Landing Page

old about

Old Class Act Detroit About Page

old programs

Old Class Act Detroit Programs Page

new landing

New Class Act Detroit Landing page

new about

New Class Act Detroit About page

new programs

New Class Act Detroit Programs page