ash squared

Industry: Finance

Ashley and I have known each other for over twenty years. So when I went looking for someone to handle my company’s finances I asked her if she’d be willing to start her own business so that I’d have someone I trust to handle my company’s day to day figures.

I initially told Ashley I no longer do logos so she went with someone (and I hated it) so I was passively aggressive when I posted an idea I had for the logo on social media one day and she loved it. So she paid for the logo design and as her business grows I look forward to having her as a client.


Sometimes the first idea is the best idea sometimes it comes 10+ ideations later. This was one of the times where my first idea was loved.

Ash Squared Book Keeping logo
Ash Squared Virtual Assistant logo


I noticed that Ashley was posting her logo and content but various colors that were consistent so I quickly put together a tiny branding guide and post templates for her to use.

Ash Squared Colors and Fonts
Ash Squared Quote Post Background
Ash Squared
Ash Squared
Ash Squared Client Card
Ash Squared Notebook