discussion tool

Industry: education

Franklin University -
Columbus, OH

Professors where currently holding discussions on various topics in the courses using a bulletin board. I studied this particular bulletin board, and all of its functionalities and what made it difficult to understand and how it could be improved.

The discussion tool facilities asynchronous discussions by allowing instructors to post topics for dialog and allowing those very instructors and their students of a particular course to post, respond and reply to the topic’s thread.

project duties

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Research Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • High Fidelity Prototypes
  • Guerilla Testing
  • Visual Design
  • Coding in HTML and CSS

team size

  • 1 Ux Designers
  • 2 Front-End Developers
  • 4 Java Developers
  • 2 Project Managers
  • 1 Product Owner
  • 1 Quality Assurance Tester


I pitched to create an entirely new interface instead of integrating what they currently had into the new myFranklin4. I studied other interfaces that allowed large groups of people to discuss and share thoughts. Interfaces like Facebook and YouTube played a massive roll in the structure of my interface. There were no paper wireframes to start within this project. I went straight to Photoshop to create the look and feel.


The initial bulletin board wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. Discussions were hard to follow visually and metaphorically. The nesting of comments was never-ending, and the conversations resembled that of a group of high school females jumping from topic to topic in a matter of seconds.

Discussion Tool Web App for Franklin University Online Learning
Relationship of a discussion to the overall course, section, and assignment

build + test

I worked with another UX designer to create the front-end code the goal to deliver a working prototype at the end of each sprint; we were continually building upon the minimum viable product until it was complete.

Phase One | Rapid Prototyping

I went straight to Photoshop to create the look and feel. The team critiqued my designs. There was an iterative design process around the creation of a discussion and how students and professors could engage in the debate.

First round of design for the new feature

Phase Two | Rapid Prototyping

It was an iterative design process where I was delivering the graphical interface every couple of days to the team. Once we had settled upon the flow, we started to build the tool.

Second round of design for the new feature

Phase Three | Rapid Prototyping

Third round of design for the new feature

Award winning

Best Online Degree Program 2011


Our team was formally recognized as the driving force behind this award in 2011 — our innovative, internally developed web technologies provide a user experience that is so far beyond our competitors that Franklin University earned more than double the votes of any other institution in this category.