design services

Website Design

We design and edit landing pages, eCommerce, static, and SaaS sites. Coded from scratch or built with WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace. Offering supportive services like WCAG compliance, SEO, and Ux.

Logo Design

We design logos through a research-based iterative process. Going through at least three rounds of design and feedback. We specialize in abstract, combination, letter, pictorial, and word logos. Each counts as a separate logo.

Marketing Materials

Digital and print marketing materials are important for any new and existing business. We design emails, brochures, business cards, step-and-repeats, flyers, catalogs, calendars, stationery, product packaging, banners, step-and-repeats.

Social Media

Some companies today live and die by social media. So we create Facebook and Twitter banners, Instagram posts, and stories. Need a Snapchat overlay for an event? What about integration with your online shop? We can help.

App Design

When it comes to web apps, OG knows no bounds. Need a GUI for your native app:  Apple, Droid, or Desktop? Are you a developer in need of a Ux Designer? OG can design a user-friendly interface and some front-end code if needed.

Event Branding

Hosting an event and need some branding? Not just flyers, an invitation, and an Eventbrite page. We cover event branding from the time your guest learn about the event, to stepping in the venue, down to the napkins.

Apparel Design

T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, joggers, snapbacks, socks, onesies, masks, and duffle bags, are just some common items we design for those wishing to make a statement or sell their products.

Promo Videos

From five seconds up to ninety. We storyboard, shoot, edit, design, and render promotional videos for various platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, or your own website.


You need a branding guide. Period. If you don’t have one with your logo, waste no time and request a quote. Do you have a design system? No? You didn’t get one with your website? Good luck!

Motion Graphics

I know my way around After Effects and Premiere Pro to create animated promo videos. I also translate my animation skills over to CSS animation.


I prefer to do front-end code: HTML5, CSS3, CSS animation, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, work around some CMS. I often collaborate with my father a back-end and software developer.

If you don't know where to start, I can help.

I often guide very green entrepreneurs through the process from start to finish, connecting you with people that I trust and will do right by you. If you’re ready to get started or simply need a mentor, reach out!