At times I am what I need to be when I need to be it for my clients or the project. Offering more than simply Ux Research, Design, and Development. Offering supportive services: taking pictures, creating marketing materials, recording videos of key events. All for the sake of a harmonious finished product and launch. So peruse the various services and skills I possess and have been known to flex from time to time.


Not just Ux Research, but industry and competitive research. I’m also known for my unique approaches to Contextual Research and uncovering user needs.

Service Design

Uncovering and improving the way in which your target audience finds your web product engages with it, and what happens after they leave it.

Ui Design

Find yourself in the land of wireframes, reiterative design, storyboarding,  prototypes, branding guides, and WCAG concerns for the design of your interface.


I run tests on your web product: cross-browser testing, device testing, quality assurance, and user testing with actual users and if you haven’t launched yet we’ll test on your target audience. 


I prefer to do front-end code: HTML5, CSS3, CSS animation, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, work around some CMS. I often collaborate with my father a back-end and software developer.

Graphic Design

Need a logo? Apparel? A whole suite of marketing materials? What about email and social media templates? If my style doesn’t fit I’m sure I can find someone to collaborate with.

Motion Graphics

I know my way around After Effects and Premiere Pro to create animated promo videos. I also translate my animation skills over to CSS animation.


I’m not a photographer but I do take pictures. I am not an editor but I can edit. If general pictures need to be taken with no account for style, I got it.


I am not a videographer but I am licensed to use some commercial cameras. I can do basic edits, some manipulation for general use.


Need updates to your site? I can help. While I don’t recommend it I can jimmy-rig some code to make it look the way you want to look. If you need a picture and video edited, I can do that too.


So life after a launch comes at your fast and if you want to take full control of your web product and make updates on your own I can create training videos for you and your team.

Process Planning

Between Six Sigma and Ux I can help you figure out processes to automate some of your business services and the way in which your business is run. So that your team can collaborate better.


Project Management is an important part of what I do. Suggesting when things should be release, in what order, tracking progress, staying under budget, knowing when the scope needs to be changed. This is apart of every project.


If your team has no experience working with Ux. I will work with them to figure out the best way to integrate Ux Research and Design into your organization’s design and/or development process.


I like to back my design choices with analytics and display how powerful small design and development adjustments can improve the bottom line of your company. I can add analytics to your web product before and compare after.

If you don't know where to start, I can help.

I often guide very green entrepreneurs through the process from start to finish, connecting you with people that I trust and will do right by you. If you’re ready to get started or simply need a mentor, reach out!