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Industry: Fitness

Andre Sanders is Boxer and MMA Fighter. I started training with him in September 2020 and in March 2021 he reached out while I was abroad asking if I could revamp his site and add additional functionality so he could take on more virtual clients.

I started with a branding guide while I was out of the country from which he picked the style of photography he wanted and I found local photographer Justin Cain. Justin held a photoshoot once I came back to the states and went on from there.

potential + research

Andre reached out wanting to refine his website. He felt the look and feel didn’t match how he wanted to represent his brand. He had been managing his own website on Wix. We had a consultation in which he shared all the various functionalities he wanted and so I did some research to find the best CMS for his needs

continuity + evaluation

I started with a branding guide and finding a photographer and videographer that could capture the look and feel Andre wanted. Which took longer than expected when a few photographers failed to reply in a timely manner but it worked out when another CMS rolled out with a new feature that addressed one of Andre’s needs.

form + presentation

The final site was created with Squarespace. The branding guide was sent over as a pdf and the design system was integrated into the site so that Andre and I could continue to build upon the site without having to do additional coding. The biggest obstacle is showing Andre how to best leverage his site for growth.

Logo Treatment

color + contrast

Full Team Conquest Logo treatment
Shorthand logo for Team Conquest color treatment

Andre preferred dark backgrounds. I had to push for high contrast to meet 2.0 AA standards of color contrast between the foreground and background. Once I started to design the website I pushed an additional color as apart of the brand, a burnt orange.

Conquer your life logo treatment

Photo Treatment

dark + highlights

Photo concept
Dark photo treatment

Branding goes well beyond the logo. The copy and visuals must be consistent not just throughout the site but everywhere the brand is presented. So I searched for local Detroit photographers that had experience shooting in dark areas (its not easy) @swifty_slu was my favorite photographer.

dark shot concept


One thing that can’t be taught is how to market yourself, your brand, your skills. It’s something that is learned through trial and error. Most new entrepreneurs don’t know how to go about writing content that their users/customers want to read, let alone content that they need to consume both to answer their questions and information that the organization or brand wishes to share. Thankfully Ux Research often uncovers the questions that end users will have and this provides a great starting point for writing content. So I provided Andre with an outline that he could fill out so I had content to fill the website with.

more coming soon