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I am B.E.A.U.T.Y. is a development program for teenage girls where the participants will be given tools to build self-confidence, establish mentors, formulate goals, discuss teen issues, and hone life skills essential to success. 

The program is facilitated by a Certified Life Coach and guest speakers are invited throughout the program to co-present on various topics like goal-setting, networking, personal branding, social media etiquette, and effective communication. Participants also engage in fitness activities weekly to promote healthy and active lifestyles.

potential + research

Akilah needed the works: a logo, branding and promotion material for the bootcamp and a logo for each branch of Generations Inspired


I shadowed Akilah on some of her speaking engagements. I spoke with her countless times to get an understanding of the purpose of her upcoming movement so that the brand would capture and represent her passion and purpose for Generations Inspired.

continuity + evaluation

I took into consideration her target audience, the time frame she had to promote her first bootcamp and her budget. The first bootcamp was a learning experience for both her and I. I attended some of her bootcamp sessions, to get a better understanding of whom she and my flyer had actually attracted and how to improve upon this for each bootcamp that followed.

form + presentation

After the first bootcamp it became clear that this event would be a seasonal event based on requests of parents and participants, instead of an annual Summer event. Many of the files I provided to her and third party members like printing companies and her volunteers could only be edited by me so as time went on. I created templates and documents that could be altered by Akilah and/or her volunteers. As the I am B.E.A.U.T.Y. movement grew and changed so did the things she needed from me.


Generations Inspired Logo

Akilah was starting a non-profit called Generations Inspires, an organization focused on the development of teens and young adults. Her first move was to kick-off her first I am BEAUTY bootcamp the Summer of 2013.

Very first I am beauty logo
Very First I am Beauty Landing Page
I am beauty brochure exterior
I am beauty brochure interior
I am Beauty colors and affirmation
First I am Beauty Bootcamp Packet
Bootcamp Completion Certificates Design
Bootcamp Completion Certificates Full Design


At the beginning of 2014 I am BEAUTY broke away from Generations Inspired and become a for-profit business. With an clear understanding of what she needs for each bootcamp it has become a regular order of various promotional material.

summer 2013

For the first summer bootcamp a logo was needed, as well as various flyers to encourage girls to come out and register. The materials needed for the actual bootcamp sessions where built as Akilah built her program.

fall 2013

I was focusing on establishing a look and feel for the bootcamp as a brand now since it was no longer going to be an annual event that could have different looks every year. No, the logo I created was there to stay. With a better understanding of whom she was trying to attract and what they would be attracted to I played around with a few flyer concepts.

First I am Beauty Flyer
First I am Beauty Calendar

Summer 2014

With a good idea of what to expect now from bootcamp members and what it takes to run a bootcamp. I created many template versions of the materials she had been using over and over again. The brand before had mainly focused on young African American teens and Akilah wanted to reach out to girls from all ethnicities.

2014 Summer Bootcamp Flyer
A concept for the 2014 Summer bootcamp flyer

Fall 2014

We are currently considering revamping the logo to appeal to a broader age range. Akilah also wanted to start an apparel line and for the branded material to all work well together from season to season so that the shirts could be sold for the remainder of the year to the girls attending the boot camps and the other events.

1/5 Social Media Flyer for Fall 2014 Bootcamp
3/5 Social Media Flyer for Fall 2014 Bootcamp
5/5 Social Media Flyer for Fall 2014 Bootcamp
2/5 Social Media Flyer for Fall 2014 Bootcamp
4/5 Social Media Flyer for Fall 2014 Bootcamp
2014 Fall Bootcamp Print Flyer
2014 Bootcamp Website


This year things expanded to other age groups. Akilah held one Spring boot camp that would allow her to work with girls in middle school. Akilah worked on a book for the majority of the year and I spent some time behind a camera working on the book cover.

Cover if I am Beauty Girls Guide
2015 Spring Bootcamp Social Media Banner
2015 Spring Bootcamp Social Banner
I am Beauty Trademarked logo
Name Tag Logo
2015 Calendar
I am Beauty Juniors Logo
I am Beauty Teens logo
I am Beauty Women's Logo

girl talks

Her coined “Girl Talks” have even taken on a heading of their own, when they once were just a daily part of her bootcamp sessions. Akilah now travels around and hosts them having hearts to hearts with girls in middle and high school.

Mommy + Me

Mommy + Me was the first stand-alone girl talk event. It needed to have it’s own look but still be associated to I am BEAUTY. I was working with the needs of not only Akilah but her co-hosts to design this flyer.

Mommy and Me Bootcamp Registration Sheet

Bronx Zoo Summit

The Bronx Zoo Girls’ Summit the second stand-alone girl talk event that Akilah hosted between the summer and fall boot camps. Here the concern was to promote the support the Bronx Zoo had offered by allowing Akilah to host the event here and to push for a more diverse group of girls.
Back to School Girls Summit Social Media Flyer
Girls Summit Print Flyer

Circle of Sisters

Circle of Sisters was the first extensive girl talk for females in middle school, high school, and women over the age of 18.

Circle of Sisters Flyer Front
Circle of Sisters Flyer Back

Keeping it 1000

Keeping it was the traditional teen girl talk for 2015. Akliah wanted to expand her presence to the Bronx.

Keeping it 1000 Print Flyer
Keeping it 1000 Social Media Flyer
Akilah with Girls wearing I am Beauty first tee


The first apparel line launched in 2015. As the brand and the program grow Akilah came up with more slogans and is in need of a new design for the traditional affirmation t-shirt.

#Be Beauty Tee Concept
Affirmation Tee concept
Clean #BE Beauty Concept