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Anytime I have the opportunity to use as many of my skills as possible is a good time.

You will be able to find some of my favorite projects and a case study for each of them covering the project brief, the problem, the team I worked with, my strategy, insights, and takeaways.

I have highlighted these because I believe they demonstrate my abilities as a Ux professional.

Medicare Web Application
  • Prevents Medicare innovation models from losing $1 million a day
  • Conducted research to understand the problem the application was meant to solve
  • Designed the interface and coded a prototype to conduct user testing.
Accessibility Analysis
  • Individuals with disabilities can now apply for a credit card
  • Assessed and designed Alliance Data’s online platform to comply with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines
  • Conducted training sessions for developers, analysts, designers, copywriters, operations, lawyers, and marketing for their respective roles in accessibility.
App for GE Aviation
Supply Chain Feature
  • Prevents build delays and penalties saving GE Aviation at least  $25.5k a day per shop
  • Introduced Ux research and design to a product team
  • Conducted contextual research and user-centered design
Discussion Tool a web feature for Franklin University
Learning Management Feature
  • Professors can monitor and grade open discussions with students
  • Lean Ux and Rapid Prototyping
  • Award-winning Learning Management System